Benefits of a Christian Education

  • A smaller classroom provides more one- on-one attention for your student.

Each child is an individual with their own needs, and are treated as such. The smaller classrooms at our school allow your child the one-on-one time that they need to excel.

  • At absolutely NO time will your child be taught about evolution.

Your child will be taught about creation, not evolution.  They will be taught about the beginning of the world as it is taught in the Word of God.

  • Each student  works at a pace that is most beneficial to him/her.

Your child will benefit from the flexibility of working at their own pace rather than being forced in to the mold of a specific grade level at the public schools.

  • Character counts!

While we are concerned about each student’s academic excellence, we believe that Christian character is a much more precious commodity. Christian Character is taught throughout all of your child’s PACEs as well as through weekly devotions and chapels.