What Now?

A Message from the Pastor

Congratulations on your decision to get saved!  You just took the greatest step in your life.  If you were serious about what you just did, your life will inevitablely change.  Your choices will affect your future and your new relationship with Jesus Christ, and the first few are very critical.

  1. You need to find an independent fundamental Baptist church to attend.  Any other church won’t get you to where you need to be.  There is a massive amount of misinformation out there, so be careful what you take as truth!  Not everything that claims the name “church” is one.  If you don’t live in the Fort Worth, Texas area, call us at 817-478-4878 and ask for the pastor or associate pastor and we can help you find a place you can trust.  If you do live in our area, we would count it a privilege to be of assistance to you.
  2. You need to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism.  It needs to be done scripturally by an authorized church to be valid.
  3. The new life that is coming your way will go smoother for you if you read God’s Word.  CAUTION Not everything that claims to the be the Bible is God’s Word.  The King James 1611 Bible will never steer you wrong.
  4. God calls preachers to deliver the sense of God’s Word to the saints on a regular basis.  That is the preacher’s job.  The reason you need to hear preaching is to help you find and fulfill the purpose of your life.  God designed the church to equip the saints to do just that.  Teaching, training, and growing you into what God intended you to be takes time and effort on the staff’s part and, when coupled with faithfulness on your part, makes for a victorious combination.

Take the time to remember today’s date and the circumstances that led you to this point.  You will want to remember this years from now.

My prayer for you is that God would walk with you, comfort you, and enjoy your life with you as you live for and serve Him.

Pastor Winkle